How To Be A Procrastinator, Yet Still Write Well 101

This week’s reblog brought to you by Olivia Meletes. Enjoy!

Daily Dose Literature

Writing how you say “shitty first drafts” is not very hard to do… yet not easier either. It takes a special type of person to write something that is absolute “shit”. However, I sometimes feel that what I have written on the page is awful and I delete the whole thing and start fresh.ezgif-com-gif-maker-2.gif I don’t really do much of pre-writing. Sometimes I think up ideas as I am walking to class and sometimes they just come to me on the spot as I am writing. Writers block has never really been a huge problem for me unless I have to write something without a prompt. As long as I have a small start or idea of what I will be writing about I can usually get it done in under an hour if I really hammer down. If I don’t ha ve much of a topic say for free writing…

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